Fyre Festival was total disaster

If you thought that the organizers behind Fyre Festival couldn’t get any more brazen, think again. Ja Rule and  Billy McFarland just sent out instructions to ticket holders on how to receive refunds. This is a good thing – even if the refunds do require a multi-page application.

However, with the recent news of a $100 million lawsuit hanging over their heads, it seems they’re trying to save as much money now as they can. In the email sent to ticket holders, they give people the choice between a full refund or tickets to next year’s planned festival. “Would you prefer to exchange your 2017 ticket(s) for additional 2018 VIP passes, as opposed to receiving a refund? (Ex: If you purchased 3 passes for 2017 you would receive 6 total 2018 VIP passes.)” The note goes on to read, “As you likely know, we’ve been through the ringer on social media and this has been a challenging week for us as we were unable to realize our dream on the first try.

We are now one of the world’s most famous festivals, for all the wrong reasons. We want to reverse that sentiment by producing something amazing. We are fully committed to this event next year, and to producing it in the most professional way, with experienced professionals. We have received support and commitments from several musicians to perform at next year’s event,” though it does not specify said musicians.